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Indoor Air Quality: A Major Factor Affecting Breathing Conditions

The escalating level of air pollution is a serious concern that has been severely impacting global health and breathing conditions. While people often seek refuge indoors for safety, they may not...

How Indoor Air Quality Affects Expecting Mothers

Did you know that indoor air quality can significantly impact maternal health? Poor air quality can lead to a range of health issues, including respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Many...

Air Purifiers: An Introduction That Revamps Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a concern that needs more attention from people. People take all the precautions while they are out. And after the pandemic outbreak, they all have been more careful with it....

Relying On Air Purifiers To Eliminate Smoke Odors

The scent of smoke lingering in your surroundings is often unwelcome and can pose health risks. Many individuals turn to home air purifiers to combat various odors, including smoke. But can these...

Unlocking Better Sleep with Bedroom Air Purifiers

How to Maintain Indoor Air Quality in Winter?

Winter is known to increase the chances of respiratory issues among people. For example, acute cold and cough, inability to breathe properly, and more.

5 Indoor Air Quality Resolutions You Should Make in 2024

New Year is a great time to make resolutions to achieve your goals in the upcoming months. People make New Year’s resolutionsevery year. However, most people forget to pay attention to the indoor air...

Off Gassing: Everything You Need to Know

Most people these days have furniture items, electronic devices, clothing items, bedding, mattresses, and more.

Here's How You Can Measure Your Home's Air Quality

We all breathe air whether indoors or outdoors. But have you ever thought about the quality of the air you breathe? Most people don’t put much thought into the quality of the air they breathe.

Air Purifiers: Can It Help You Remove Second-hand Smoke?

Everyone is aware of the severe impacts of smoking tobacco on health. Hence, doctors and everyone around you advise you to stop smoking as it can be dangerous to your health. In fact, cigarette...