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Water Damage and Improving Indoor Air Quality

The recent Texas freeze is, at this point, widely known for the damage it caused in homes throughout the region. The weather in Austin, where I live, is typically mild, between 43 and 97 degrees....

The Best and Worst States for Air Quality, Ranked

A lot goes into choosing a place to live depending on your life situation. If you’re young and single, you may appreciate the job opportunities and nightlight in big cities. But if you have a family...

Does My Older Home or Apartment Need an Air Purifier?

Owning an older home can bring so many emotions - good and bad!

Indoor Plants: Do They Really Purify Your Air?

The fact there's a national holiday called Houseplant Appreciation Day demonstrates a growing interest in and use of indoor plants.

Why is Air Quality Important?

As long as you can breathe with relative ease, things seem fine. But poor air quality is a silent killer. It harms your body and the economy an alarming amount.

Top 6 Things Making Your Allergies Worse

When your body senses foreign invaders, such as viruses or bacteria, the immune system goes to work, churning out proteins called antibodies.

Air Quality: What Does it Measure, and How Do You Measure It?

Air pollution can lead to a host of health problems. It's also damaging to the environment and even the economy. Thus, monitoring and measuring air quality is vital. 

Introduction to Air Quality

Air is one of the foundational substances the human body needs to survive and thrive. Clean air keeps us healthy and feels good to breathe in.