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5 Indoor Air Quality Resolutions You Should Make in 2024

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New Year is a great time to make resolutions to achieve your goals in the upcoming months. People make New Year’s resolutionsevery year. However, most people forget to pay attention to the indoor air quality of their homes and offices. Improving the indoor air quality is one of the most important New Year’s resolutionsto make.

Indoor air quality affects our respiratory health and thus overall health in the long run. Installing an air purifier for office space is not the only solution to improving indoor air quality.

Instead, you can add the following 5 New Year resolutions to improve the indoor air quality in your home or office space.

Resolution#1: Open Windows

Most people keep the windows closed as they might be using an air conditioner, a heater, or a dehumidifier. But this can make your space feel stuffy and degrade the overall quality of indoor air.

Hence, you must open the windows occasionally for just a few minutes. The circulation of fresh air can help you dilute any pollutants or flush them out of the indoor space completely.

Resolution#2: Surface Dusting

You can’t escape from fine dust accumulating in your home or office spaces. Dust particles can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions, runny nose, skin rashes, and more.

Hence, you should periodically clean the surfaces to remove the dust and maintain indoor air quality.

Resolution#3: Buy a Natural Air Freshener

Most people tend to buy chemical air fresheners. However, these chemical fresheners also have particles that deteriorate the indoor air quality. Most chemical air fresheners have VOCs that linger in the air and irritate your respiratory systems.

So, you must buy natural air fresheners such as potpourri, lemon slices, essential oils, etc. This will keep the indoor space smelling fresh while also reducing the chances of respiratory allergies.

Resolution#4: Air Filter Change

Most people install an air purifier to improve the indoor air quality. However, they forget to change the air purifier filter periodically. Dirty air filters are a major concern in deteriorating indoor air quality.

Not only arethey unable to filter the air efficiently, they can release some of the air pollutants back into the air. So, remember to change the air purifier filters over time. Change the filters attached to your heating and cooling systems too.

Resolution#5: Maintain Humidity

Stuffy and highly humid homes and office spaces make it difficult to. Similarly, dry air in the home or office space also makes breathing difficult. So, maintain the humidity levels of your space.

You can use a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain the humidity levels of your space. The ideal humidity must be 30% to 50% as per WHO and US EPA.

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