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Erica Staten

Will Flu Season Hit Harder This Year?

Key Facts About the Flu (Influenza)

Attention Allergy Sufferers: A HEPA Air Purifier is the Answer

Most people spend a significant portion of their day inside, which means that they have extended exposure to triggers that can linger and irritate their allergies. Even otherwise healthy air can be...

Your Best Protection Against Mold Spores

Although mold particles are tiny, they pose a big problem. Mold is a type of microscopic fungi that can invade your home and expose you and your family to severe health risks. Mold spores (airborne...

HEPA for Safety in Hospitals, Medical, and Dental Offices

Environmental sterility and effective disinfection have always been critical in clinical settings, but this year we all got a serious reminder of how dangerous airborne illnesses can be. In places...

New Home? Toxic Pollutants Likely

New house, new furniture, new rugs, new paint… Everything seems fresh and clean in your new (or remodeled) home – except your indoor air. The smell of “new” might be nice, but it can also be harmful...

The Best and Worst States for Air Quality, Ranked

A lot goes into choosing a place to live depending on your life situation. If you’re young and single, you may appreciate the job opportunities and nightlight in big cities. But if you have a family...

Indoor Plants: Do They Really Purify Your Air?

The fact there's a national holiday called Houseplant Appreciation Day demonstrates a growing interest in and use of indoor plants.

Top 6 Things Making Your Allergies Worse

When your body senses foreign invaders, such as viruses or bacteria, the immune system goes to work, churning out proteins called antibodies.