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Alleviate COPD Symptoms with the Right Air Purifier

With a rapid decrease in air quality, there has been an increase in respiratory disorders in the US. Tiny harmful particles circling through the air constantly can affect our respiratory system resulting in long-term health issues in adults and children alike. People with weaker respiratory systems due to pre-existing conditions are prone to even more respiratory disorders due to unclean air. 

One of the respiratory disorders that affect millions of Americans each year is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This respiratory disorder is the third leading cause of death worldwide.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has already warned about air particles as the major reason for COPD-related deaths and hospitalization. Moreover, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also noted that unclean air in the house or workspace causes the onset of COPD-related symptoms.

You should maintain clean indoor air quality to alleviate and prevent the symptoms of COPD in the long run. One of the ways to keep indoor air quality clean and fresh is to purchase a high-quality air purifier for your home or office. 

DisclaimerAir Purifiers will not cure COPD! If you have COPD symptoms deteriorating your health, seek medical care immediately.

The right air purifier will assist you in maintaining the health of the air and thus alleviate the COPD symptoms. Here are a few tips to help you buy the right purifier to soothe your COPD symptoms. 

Note: The American Lung Association provides these tips to ensure Americans breathe clean air effectively. 

Air Purifier to Alleviate COPD Symptoms

Avoid Air Purifiers Producing Ozone

As you may or may not already know, inhaling ozone (even in small amounts) can irritate the lungs. This can be detrimental to lung health, especially if you are suffering from COPD. So, be sure to avoid buying air purifiers that produce ozone.

Use HEPA Filtration (Mechanical Filtration Systems)

HEPA Filter

The American Lung Association suggests that you buy air purifiers that come with mechanical filtration systems such as H13 True HEPA filters. Mechanical filtration systems have specialized filters that catch the air particles. These air particles stay stuck on the filter until the filter is replaced, making the filtration system much more efficient. If you are serious about improving the air quality in your home, you need the highest tier HEPA filter in a high-quality air purifier. 

Choose an Air Purifier that Removes Ultrafine Particles

Ultrafine particles are so small that regular filtration systems can’t catch them, and they keep lingering in the surrounding air. When you breathe unclean air with ultrafine particles, it enters the respiratory system easily, thus causing irritation and potentially worsening COPD symptoms. So, if you have COPD, you might be prone to further lung damage when you inhale ultrafine particles. Therefore, you must make sure the air purifier you choose can clean ultrafine particles. 

CADR Ratings are not a Good Measure of Air Purifier Efficiency

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a measure of an air purifier’s efficiency. However, these ratings are not suitable for understanding the long-term effectiveness of air purifiers. It has been observed that air purifiers with high CADR ratings have lost their air purifying efficiency quite quickly. So, you should not solely rely on these ratings when you are looking for the right air purifier. 

air purifier

Bottom Line

Although air purifiers will not cure COPD, they may help you soothe the symptoms over time if you also seek medical care. The tips provided by the American Lung Association will assist you in buying the right air purifier for your space effectively.

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