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3 Things to Avoid When Buying an Air Purifier

Are you looking to buy an air purifier for your home or office? If so, you might be searching for the best air purifier online. With so many options available now, you might have a hard time deciding which air purifier will best suit your needs.

With every company promising advanced technology and the best filters to improve indoor air quality, it can be difficult to choose which air purifier will truly work best. And if you start reading articles online on buying the right purifier, they will tell you all the features you must have in an air purifier for office space or home. But what they don’t tell you is the things you should avoid while buying an air purifier. 

Yes, that’s right! There are 3 things that you want to avoid while buying an air purifier. 

3 things to avoid in an air purifier

Ozone Generators

There are many reasons why ozone is bad for your health. But first, let’s understand why ozone-generator air purifiers are not a good choice. 

Air purifiers for home or office with ozone generation work on the concept of corona discharge. In this process, the air purifier releases ozone molecules that attach to other fine particles in indoor air. Once they attach to them, they cause an explosion of those particles, also known as oxidation. This process has three drastic negative effects on indoor air. 

  • This process generates ultrafine particles. These particles are harmful to the lungs and can enter the bloodstream. It can cause heart disease and difficulty in breathing. It might also stunt the growth of young children. 
  • Ozone takes a lot of time to clean the indoor air. In fact, a small room of gases will need years to clear if ozone is used for air purification. 
  • This can raise the level of ozone gas in the room well above the limit, up to five to ten times more. Apart from ozone released from an air purifier, outdoor ozone also mixes with it, thus increasing the levels of the gas. This can trigger life-threatening ailments such as asthma attacks. The adverse effects can be immediately seen on children and pets. 

Air purifier

So, you should avoid buying an air purifier that boasts ozone generation as part of the air purification process.

Purifiers without Activated Charcoal Bed

You may already know that your air purifier must have HEPA filters to truly enhance indoor air quality, but the filter is not the only air filter that your purifier must have. 

H13 HEPA filters will remove 99.9% of particles, such as pollen, dust, and other particles down to 0.1 microns. However, they won’t be able to remove chemicals, gases, and odors. To remove this, you need an air purifier that has an activated charcoal bed filter. 

Air purifier

Activated charcoal bed in combination with HEPA filters will remove maximum particles, chemicals, and odors from indoor air, improving the quality. Also, an activated charcoal bed has a higher capacity to trap harmful particles. 

Purifiers without Sleep Mode

Some air purifiers make a lot of noise while they are turned on. This can be especially disturbing at night. Also, a lot of air purifiers on the market don’t have any features to reduce this noise without affecting air purification efficiency. 

However, there are a few air purifier models that offer sleep mode. In this mode, the air purifier reduces the noise levels to a minimum of 21dBA without reducing the air purifier’s overall efficiency. This can be beneficial at night and offer sound sleep with improved air quality to breathe. 

air purifier

So, we suggest you avoid buying air purifiers that don’t offer sleep mode.

Bottom Line

Air purifiers are critical to improving indoor air quality in your home and office. However, choosing the right purifier to purchase can be overwhelming given how many options are available. But you can filter your options by keeping in mind the 3 things mentioned above to avoid when buying air purifiers. 

At Medify Air, we strive to provide you with commercial and home air purifier models that have ozone-free ionizers, activated charcoal bed filters, H13 HEPA filters, and a sleep mode so you can have a silent, peaceful experience. 

Check out all of our air purifier models now at MedifyAir.com, so you can make an informed purchase.


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