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Air Purifiers: Can It Help You Remove Second-hand Smoke?

Everyone is aware of the severe impacts of smoking tobacco on health. Hence, doctors and everyone around you advise you to stop smoking as it can be dangerous to your health. In fact, cigarette packets also have a warning printed on them.

However, despite the known effects of smoking tobacco, people still keep going back to it. Smoking tobacco affects the health of the smoker along with the people around him. It happens due to the second-hand smoke created by smoking tobacco.

In this blog, let’s find the meaning and effects of second-hand smoke. Also, does the best room air purifier help remove second-hand smoke effectively?

Second-hand Smoke: A Brief Overview

Smoking tobacco produces two types of second-hand smoke.

  • The smoke produced by burning tobacco from a cigarette or cigar
  • The smoke exhaled by the smoker

Second-hand smoke, both types, contains carcinogenic compounds. These compounds adversely affect the respiratory systems of anyone who inhales it.

Inhaling second-hand smoke can cause allergic reactions and lung irritation. It even leads to severe health issues such as heart disease, cancer, and more. Second-hand smoke causes health issues to people who haven’t even smoked a cigarette in their whole life. It can cause permanent damage to their health.

Can Air Purifiers Help Remove Second-hand Smoke?

The answer is yes! An indoor air purifier can remove second-hand smoke efficiently from the air if someone is smoking. An air purifier uses two types of filters to remove second-hand smoke.

  • HEPA Filters: These filters were originally for capturing radiation. However, these filters are a primary part of indoor air purifiers for several reasons. HEPA air filters can seize particles of 0.3 microns in size, providing an efficiency of 99.97% particle cleaning.

Now, second-hand smoke has a particle size of 4 to 0.01 microns. And as smoke is released and exhaled, the particle size keeps getting smaller and smaller. It makes it difficult to trap these particles. However, you can trap the second-hand smoke as soon as discharged into the air with an air purifier with HEPA filters.

  • Activated Carbon Filtration: Another line of defense an air purifier provides is activated carbon filtration. In such a filtration process, the carbon particles are heated to high temperatures, increasing their porosity. A single activated carbon molecule has a surface area similar to a football field, making it easier to seize smaller particles, harmful chemicals, molecules, and more, including second-hand smoke.

So, yes! An air purifier with these two technologies can help you remove second-hand smoke from your house. It is better to install this device if you live with someone who smokes.

Bottom Line

Second-hand smoke is more dangerous than tobacco itself. It affects those who have never smoked their entire lives, causing life-threatening conditions. Hence, you can buy air purifiers for home or offices with HEPA filters and activated carbon filtration processes. And you can find such air purifiers with us at Medify Air.

We are a leading company offering a wide range of air purifiers for homes, offices, industrial and commercial spaces. Our air purifiers have true H13 HEPA filtration, activated carbon filtration, ozone filtration, and more.

Check out our range now and keep your house second-hand smoke-free. 


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