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4 Microorganisms Commonly Found in Air

When we talk about air pollution, we mostly talk about chemical components, like dust, dander and dirt that lurk in the air around us. We usually talk about the adverse effects of these air pollutants on our health, but what most people haven’t considered is microorganisms.

There are microscopic living beings in the air that are constantly floating and traveling unknown distances, and if inhaled, they can cause major health issues over time.

Installing portable air purifiers in your home and office will certainly help you tackle these microscopic living beings. However, every air purifier is different and will remove different kinds of microorganisms. So, knowing about the type of microorganisms in the air can help you make an informed purchase.

There are microorganisms found in the air around us, which can cause disease over time. Keep reading to learn about the 4 most common microorganisms.

4 Microorganisms Commonly Found in Air

  • Viruses

We are all aware of the Covid-19 virus and how it spreads through the air around us. However, the coronavirus is not the only virus that you should worry about.

A 2012 study published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Science found out that more than 200 viruses are present in the air around us. And these viruses when inhaled will cause respiratory health issues and you might end up in the hospital in severe cases.

The most common respiratory viral diseases are common cold and flu. However, installing air purifiers can assist in combating the effects of viruses by purifying indoor air.

  • Bacteria

Another microorganism that can be found in the air is bacteria. Bacterias are single-celled microorganisms that not only float in the air, but also stick to surfaces. Any item in your house will have bacteria stuck to it.


In fact, a lot of bacteria is also stuck to your skin too. So, bacteria is found everywhere in your house. Now, some of them are harmless. Some bacteria is even beneficial, like the ones stuck to your skin, while some of them are so harmful that you must take measures to remove them.

A high-quality office and home air purifier can help you get rid of bacteria and purify the indoor air.

  • Mite Allergens

The moment you remove dust from something such as your mattress, you cough or sneeze. Now, dust particles are responsible for this response, however, mite allergens are another element contributing to this.

Mite allergens

Mites are part of the spider family and are tiny organisms that can’t be seen through naked eyes. These mites release allergens in the form of feces. And these feces float in the air the moment you dust an item in your house causing sneezing.

Mite allergens can also cause serious respiratory diseases such as asthma or COPD. So, removing them from the indoor air is important. A high-quality air purifier is certainly the best way to remove mite allergens from your home or office.

  • Fungi

144,000! This is the number of known fungal species around the world. Although not all of them are hazardous, several species are harmful.

Also, something to note is that most of them are found in your house. Whether it is the mold on your ceiling, roof, basement, or even on your spoiled food, all this indicates that you are surrounded by some species of fungi. Now, although they stick to the surface of the item, they release mold spores into the air.

mold  fungi

Now, you can inhale these spores and get affected by respiratory issues. The most common respiratory issue caused by fungi is pneumonia, and it can take a serious turn if someone is already suffering from respiratory issues.

Bottom Line

It is not just air pollutants such as chemicals, particulate matter, dirt, or pollen that cause respiratory issues. Microorganisms are lurking in the air around us which can cause serious respiratory issues, which is why removing them is detrimental to maintaining your health. 

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