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10 Steps to Improve Air Quality at Work

Where do most people spend their time? Is it at home or in the office?

Studies show most people spend at least 2/3 time of their day at the office! If this is the case, why do most people only consider improving their home’s indoor air quality?

The answer is simple: negligence!

Most of us neglect our office’s poor indoor air quality and, by default, our health. Poor indoor quality can have detrimental health consequences, including symptoms like headache, cough, nose, eye, and throat irritation, dizziness, nausea, rashes, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

If a large number of employees at the office are experiencing these symptoms, it can actually result in something called Sick Building Syndrome. You can read our previous blog dedicated to Sick Building Syndrome if you want to learn more.

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Responsibilities of Building Occupants

Apart from installing an air purifier for your office space, these are 5 steps building occupants can take to improve the IAQ at their workplace.

  • Each building has designated areas for smoking. Building occupants must only smoke (or vape) in these areas. This way you can keep the air clean and breathable for others.
  • Make sure the vents are clean and clear for air circulation. Don’t block air vents with storage boxes or machinery.

Trash Maintenance at Work

  • Don’t let garbage accumulate. Clean the trash cans as soon as possible to avoid attracting pests.
  • Use water wisely. If there are water spills, clean them immediately. If not done, it will add to the air moisture and increase humidity levels. This may decrease indoor air quality. Also, check for any leaky plumbing and inform the building manager to repair water leaks accordingly.

Water spilling on floor at work

  • Talk to the building manager if you or your co-workers are getting sick frequently.

Responsibilities of Office Managers

Building occupants aren’t the only ones responsible for the office’s air quality. These are 5 steps an office manager must take to keep indoor air clean.

  • Reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many different types of office equipment such as printers, fax machines, and more release VOCs. Now, we know this equipment is necessary for most offices, but you can opt for office equipment that is eco-friendly and doesn’t release VOCs.
  • As mentioned above, you should never block air vents! In order to ensure air is circulating effectively, never put office furniture, office equipment, or storage boxes in front of air vents in your office.
  • Maintain your office’s HVAC system. Call for regular maintenance to ensure the HVAC system has new filters and repair them subsequently. A faulty HVAC system can significantly decrease indoor air quality.

AC Vents

  • Get non-chemical pest control services. If you need to get rid of pests, try to choose professionals who offer environmentally friendly pest control processes.
  • Get air purifiers for your office. Air purifiers with True HEPA filters and activated charcoal filters will absorb indoor air pollutants such as dirt, dust, VOCs, pollen, and more

Bottom Line

Most people spend a majority of their time at work, so neglecting the air quality in your office space can result in health consequences for everyone.

To learn more about how to maintain indoor air quality at home or in your office, get in touch with us here at Medify Air! We have a wide range of air purifiers with H13 True HEPA filters for offices, homes, restaurants, and other commercial spaces.

We also offer consultations, so we can help all of our clients choose the right air purifier for their home or office space.

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