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Here's How to Deal with Asthma During Cold Weather

Asthma affects around 26 million Americans. It is a respiratory condition caused by spasms and inflammation of the bronchi. Asthma affects breathing and lungs severely over time, especially if not treated.

People with asthma often experience an increase in the severity and frequency of asthma attacks during cold weather. There are two main reasons for the rise in asthma attacks during colder months.

Reason#1: Lung Function is Affected Due to Rapid Temperature Fluctuations

The decrease in temperature in winter seasons is common. The air feels colder and drier. It irritates the bronchi, causing inflammation and worsening asthma symptoms.

Mucus production is higher in colder weather. It constricts breathing and leads to more coughing and wheezing.

Physical activities during winter or colder weather can also trigger asthma symptoms.

A phenomenon called inversion occurs in the winter months. In this phenomenon, cold air gets trapped under warm air. It traps the pollutants near the surface, worsening asthma symptoms.

Reason#2: Indoor Heating Systems

Using an indoor heating system during colder weather without a home air purifier worsens asthma symptoms.

Initial use of indoor heating systems in cold weather leads to unsettling of pollutants such as mold, dust, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. The pollutants are now airborne, making these pollutants enter the respiratory system and worsen asthma symptoms.

Three Ways to Deal with Asthma Attacks During Winter

  • A thick scarf can prevent arid cold air from entering into your respiratory system. You can cover your mouth and nose with it. Moreover, try to breathe more through your nose to reduce asthma symptoms.
  • Ensure cleaning all the air ducts before firing up indoor heating systems. Hiring professional cleaners for air duct cleaning will be a wise decision. These professionals use methods like a negative pressure vacuum to remove pollutants efficiently.
  • Install the best room air purifier with HEPA filters, activated charcoal, and other high-performance features. The air purifier will remove all the pollutants freed during the initial start of the indoor heating systems. Also, the air purifier will remove pollutants that enter your house due to inversion.

Bottom Line

Winter months are bad news for asthma patients. It usually creates difficulty for the patients to breathe and survive.

But appropriate methods, like covering your mouth and nose with a scarf or installing air purifiers for home from us at Medify Air, can help you alleviate the symptoms.

Our wide range of air purifiers for homes, offices, and other commercial spaces ensures everyone gets clean air.

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